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Devan Browne

3D Modeling • Game Design • Painting • Graphic Design  •  •  (571) 329-9997 

I make art to explore, to learn about the world, to understand objects, ideas, and people. 

Digital artist with 4 years of professional game development experience. Graduate of Ringling College of Art + Design with accolades. Experience with hi-poly and low-poly production, realism and stylized visuals, hard-surface and organic modeling. 

Professional Experience

3D Artist, The Church in the Darkness

Paranoid Productions • Seattle, WA • 2015 - 2019

  • Modeled and textured buildings, props, animals and vehicles in a low-poly, hand-painted style, optimized for PC and mobile gaming

  • Researched historical sources to establish and reinforce the game’s signature setting and aesthetic

  • Sketched design concepts to ensure the highest quality of final assets

  • Illustrated 2D inventory icons and other UI elements

Pre-Production Designer and Artist, Apocalypse Now Game Adaptation

American Zoetrope • San Francisco, CA • 2014 - 2015

  • Honed in and finalized the desired tone of the project by working through several iterations of design documents, storyboards, and animatics

  • Using Unreal Blueprint, built exploratory game prototypes for adventuring by land and by boat

  • Sculpted hi-res and game-ready versions of the character Colonel Kurtz, based on the likeness of Marlon Brando

  • Designed, dressed and lit a large-scale navigable environment adapted from a scene in the movie

  • Modeled props and environments optimized for current-gen systems in a photo-realistic style

  • Co-edited final cinematic trailer. Presented updated cut to client once a week


Ringling College of Art and Design Sarasota, FL

BFA in Game Art and Design, 2015

Juried Exhibition Winner  2015

Most Outstanding Game Art Student  2013, 2014

Skills, Proficiencies, Keywords

3D  Modeling: Autodesk Maya  •  Game Engines: Unreal Engine 4, Unity

Digital Sculpting: ZBrush, Sculptris  •  PBR Texturing: Quixel Suite, Substance Painter

Digital Painting: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Krita

Other: Adobe Premiere, Perforce, MS Office/Google Docs, Renderman, Keyshot